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About David

David becomes a part of the very thread of his clients’ existence, opening a new realm orchestrated to their wildest notions. From being raised in Madagascar, being educated in Europe, and through a lifetime rich with travel, David has amassed countless connections to exclusive travel resources and charitable foundations. He strives to maximize the experiences of the philanthropic travelers he works with, enhancing the understanding of the world they live in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the first world to the third world through philanthropic donations and active participation. We connect high net worth individuals and families to underserved charities, filling the gap that big box charities have left.

What We Do

Our team plans high-touch philanthropic travel programs to all corners of the globe. We locate neglected charities at every destination on our clients’ itineraries, giving them a new kind of travel experience with an added sense of purpose.

Why We Do It

Over the past 25 years, David has elevated travel to a higher standard, eliminating the redundancy so often found in popular travel experiences. His programs are known for pushing the envelope of creativity, expanding the boundaries of philanthropy, and ultimately establishing a new sense of purpose in his clients.

How We're Different

We are not a travel concierge service. We do not sell pre-packaged trips. No one has ever had the experience you will have with us. Every program is handcrafted to provide a one-of-a-kind experience and serve the charitable endeavors our clients care most about.

Past Work

Enhancing Childhood Education: Ouarzazate, Morrocco

During this Moroccan excursion, our team embarked on a journey to enhance childhood education in a small village nestled in the Atlas Mountains. During the program, we built a grade school & provided the village with follow-on funding for any resources the new school would need. After the school was built and functional, our team handcrafted a personalized Ouarzazate movie studio tour which included a visit to the movie sets of countless timeless classics. Though the experience is over, our client has stayed in contact with the Morroccan school and will continue to help their children flourish for many years to come. Learn More ⇾︎

Giving Resources to Aboriginals: Uluru, Australia

During this program, our clients were connected with the Anangu communities of Uluru, Australia, giving them the ability to build a senior center for the community’s elders and a computer lab to better connect their future generations with the modern world. Afterwards, our clients also contributed to Kangaroo Dundee, a wildlife organization that protects orphaned Kangaroo babies whose mothers were hit by local vehicles. Throughout the experience, our clients also explored native cave paintings & went on an exhilarating seaplane excursion, creating a truly unforgettable adventure like no other. Learn More ⇾︎

Contributing to a Youth Choir: Southern District, Israel

Crafting an experience that intertwines culture and philanthropy is what truly excites us and none meshed the two as deeply as our client’s getaway to Israel. Creating an immersive Israeli experience to celebrate our clients’ daughter’s bat mitzvah, our team constructed a Masada visit, immersive slideshow experience projected onto Galilee Sea mist, and allowing them to do good as always through connection with an Israeli youth choir. Sticking with the David Lloyd promise, our clients were truly in awe - never having had any experience evoke as much emotion as this one. Learn More ⇾︎

Fighting Against HIV/AIDS:
Rivonia, South Africa

For this program, our clients didn’t just want to explore the beauty of South Africa, they wanted to make an impact on the community’s way of life. That’s why we connected them with Friends of Alexandra, an organization that serves children orphaned due to parents with HIV/AIDS. During the immersion, our clients worked a day in the orphanage, getting to know its residents and staff, and gave a contribution to better the orphans' opportunities & futures. Afterwards, we arranged a full safari expedition as well as bungee jumping adventures and culturally immersive tours, leaving a lasting impression on both our clients and the African community they visited. Learn More ⇾︎

These are only a few of our proudest endeavors, feel free to contact us to learn more about our resources for change.

Our Process


Because our business is very trust based, our process starts with getting to know each other in a way that allows us to gain an understanding of the global issues that concern our clients most.


After we get to know our clients thoroughly, we agree on a time and place where they’re passionate about making their impact first.


After defining the details of the adventure’s cause, time, and place, our creative process begins. We engage in a full consultation process where we tailor every hour of our clients’ experience, giving them a truly individualized event for change.

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